Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty

EP025 Accountability Partner Check In #1

March 25, 2021

It's the episode no one's asked for and hasn't been waiting for! AJ and Hillary talk about whether or not their goals for the year are on track in an effort to stay accountable to each other and all of you. Yeah, that's right! They're doing this for YOU! Kinda!

Have you heard Episode #2 Fitness Buddies?  That's where it all began. We were younger, gentler, kinder...nah.  None of that is true but do listen to Episode 2 for some tips on finding a good buddy or breaking up with a bad one.

https://feedmeandtellme.podbean.com/e/ep002-fmatmip-fitness-buddies/  - Episode #002

Show notes: https://feedmeandtellme.com/blog/fmatmip-blog/ 


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